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    The following post provides comprehensive information on Do’s and Don’ts for NMIMS Distance Learning Exams, pre requisites and how to manage different scenarios beyond candidate’s control

    Important Notice

    Please follow the Guidelines mentioned below very strictly to avoid any confusion at the last moment or you will be disqualified from the Exams


    Candidate Guide for Exams


    Important Points to Note


    Common Queries

    A. You have enough time to make necessary arrangements, if you still are finding it difficult to arrange the IT infrastructure required at your home / work place to attempt these Exams; you have the choice to wait. As soon as and only if the Government allows, University will also conduct Center-based Exams in April or June 2021. You can give your Exams during that time.

    A. Minimum speed 512 kbps of concurrent speed and ensure that there are no restrictions enabled on the network, which is being used

    A. Exams will not be conducted on campus or any of the Authorized Partner Centres

    A. For any troubleshooting, Exam is paused and student is given the time allocated for the Exam post fixing the issue

    A. One has to perform regular checks and 24 hours before every Exam, both for Compatibility and Demo Exam

     A. If you get disconnected at the time of Exam, system logs will be checked, post authorization you will be able to resume your Exam from the same point where it got disconnected but only when there is time left in the Exam and disconnection duration is not more than 20 minutes. If the duration of disconnection is more than 20 minutes, such situations will be managed real-time on the day of Exam by Mettl (+918047190917, and University (18001025136, In any situation, DO NOT CLOSE THE BROWSER.

    We do not recommend as the network is not stable and also mobile device is not allowed during the Exam. Use only Wired or Wireless internet connection.

    Yes if it fulfills the required bandwidth requirement

    Exam links will be made available on Student portal, step by step instructions with screenshots will be made available for ease of access 

    Checklist before the exam:

    Checklist- on the day of exam:

    Below scenarios will be checked and solution provided on case to case basis:

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