This is applicable for PG and Diploma students appearing in Online mode of Examination only.

NGA-SCE Examination evaluation mechanism has two components namely Assignment (30% weightage) and Term End Examination (70% weightage).

For being declared as ‘Pass’ in a subject, student is required to obtain 50% marks on the aggregate of marks obtained in the assignment and term end examination taken together.

In case the Students fails, there is an option of Re-Sit Term End Examination (April / September) (Flexi Exam Schedule: Date and Time Slot).

NGA-SCE introduces four Assignment submission cycles along with four Term End Examination cycles (December / April / June / September)

Students of NGA-SCE were initially allowed to submit assignment for each subject only during the two regular scheduled (June / December) term end exam cycles.

It has now been decided that with effect from April 2016 Re-Sit Term End Examination onwards, students who have failed or who had not submitted the assignment for any subject/s of previous semester/s in June / December term end exam would be allowed to submit the assignment on or before the last date announced for that respective term end/re-sit exam cycle.

As per the examination policy, student is required to submit the assignment of applicable subject/s on or before the last date announced for that respective exam cycle which is before the commencement of exam registration window.

Late submission request/reason given by the student will not be considered.

Please Note:

a. For every exam cycle (June / September / December / April), a fresh set of Assignment Questions would be uploaded on the student portal. Student is expected to download the applicable subject assignment question paper and submit the assignment on or before the last date announced by NGA-SCE for that respective exam cycle only then the student would be able to register and appear for the respective examination
b. Student cannot appear directly for Re-Sit Exams (April/September) under any circumstances
c. Student has to clear the program (all subjects, all semesters) before the completion of program validity
d. No examination is conducted for improvement of marks of the subject already passed (50/100)
e. Four assignment submission cycles and Four Term End exam cycles and all above exam options/rules are not applicable for students appearing in Offline Mode of Examination

As per the revised examination policy w.e.f. April 2016 examination, the student now has the following options to choose from in case of FAIL:

a. Submit only the failed subject assignment and not appear for the term end exam OR
b. Register and appear for the failed subject/s Re-Sit or Term End Examination (the previous exam cycle assignment marks will be carry forwarded in case there is no resubmission of assignment found in the respective exam cycle) OR
c. Both re-submit the assignment of the failed subject/s and also register and appear for the Term End Examination of the failed subject/s

Best of assignment marks and Latest of Term End Exam marks is the criteria based on which the Result will be declared.

Exam Fee Payment:

a. Exam Fee is not a part of program Fee and is charged separately
b. Term End Exam Fee: Rs. 500/- per subject per attempt
c. Assignment Re-submission: In each subject, no assignment submission Fees will be charged for the first two assignment submission exam attempts
d. However from the third assignment submission exam attempt Rs. 500/- will be charged per subject per attempt.
e. Exam Fees once paid will neither be refunded nor will be carry forwarded to next exam cycle in case the student cannot appear for the examination for reasons whatsoever.

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Author: Team Halo