Is Distance MBA equal to a Regular MBA

A degree of MBA

A degree of MBA is a comprehensive program that enhances the critical thinking capability of an individual. It teaches you how to think strategically and execute projects in an organized manner. MBA helps a person grow and go up the ladder in his/her professional life. It is a degree program that will help you irrespective of your job profile or industrial sector. Keeping this in mind, a distance MBA isn’t too different from a regular MBA. Some of the best distance MBA programs in India offer far more than an average regular MBA to a student who is professional.

What are the Similarities ?

There are many similarities between a distance MBA and a regular MBA. Here are some of those for you to consider-

  • The Curriculum :The curriculum structure in both distance MBA and regular MBA is the same. There’s no difference in the subjects taught in both modes. Both distance and regular MBAs are project-based and enhance the practical skills of the students.
  • The Faculty : Some of the best distance MBA programs offer the best faculty from their management departments. Some of the faculties are the same as that of their regular MBA programs. Students of the distance MBA program and regular MBA program get to learn from the same experienced faculty members of the institutions.
  • The Specializations : Now almost every specialization and even dual specializations are available under distance MBA programs. Apart from the frequent specializations of finance, HR, and marketing, some of the best distance MBA programs also offer unconventional specializations like operations management, data science and analytics, tourism management, international trade, agribusiness, rural management, logistics, fintech, energy management, digital marketing and more. There’s no dearth of choice when it comes to specializations under distance MBA now.
  • Skill Enhancement :Workshops and interactive sessions with industry leaders just like regular MBA programs are conducted for an immersive learning experience for the students even in distance MBA courses. These efforts contribute to the skill and professional enhancement of the learners.
  • Placements : Dedicated placement assistance cells are there even for distance MBA learners. All sorts of career support and guidance are provided. Some of the best distance MBA programs also help students with incubation centers, guiding them for entrepreneurial ventures or even improving their existing businesses.
  • Alumni Status : Distance MBA programs are at par with regular MBA courses. Distance MBAs are recognized by UGC and are also approved by AICTE. The universities offering distance MBA programs also provide the students with alumni status in the same way a regular MBA student is provided with. Academically, there’s no difference between the two programs.

What are the Differences ?

Despite all the similarities between a distance MBA and a regular MBA, there are some differences as well. However, these differences make a distance MBA program more convenient for learners.

  • The Peer Evaluation :Online or distance MBA programs encourage peer evaluation more than regular MBA programs. This enhances the interactivity and understanding of the students. Learning becomes an engaging process and students also receive very good exposure to different perspectives. This process enhances the teamwork skills and also the absorbing skills of an individual.
  • The Fee Structure : The ROI of a distance MBA program is much better than a regular MBA. Fees for a distance MBA are much cheaper and more affordable as compared to a regular MBA. Some of the distance MBA programs will cost you a maximum amount of Rs 2,50,000 or less. However, regular MBAs would charge you anywhere between Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 25,00,000. The return on investment becomes a difficult and long-engaging task for a fresher with a regular MBA.However, a professional with a distance MBA can easily retrieve this money with an increment or promotion received right after completing his/her MBA. Also, as the fees for distance MBA are affordable, working professionals can easily self-finance their degree program without the hassles of investing a large amount in further education or an educational loan.
  • Networking : Unlike a regular MBA program, the virtual classroom of an online or distance MBA program is filled with different people from around the world. The interactions are not just limited to local problems or solutions but it goes beyond the boundaries of states and nations. This makes the platform one of the best in terms of global exposure and networking. Students can talk to their counterparts from different parts of the world and understand the global work culture. This also helps them to learn the best measures adopted by global companies and implement them in their workspace for better results.
  • Flexibility : Distance MBA programs allow students to learn at their convenience and schedule. There’s no compulsion of sitting in a classroom for a specific period. Working professionals do not essentially need to sacrifice their weekend plans too for weekend or evening classes. They can attend classes now anywhere anytime.

Live and Interactive Learning Experience

There are also live and interactive classes wherein students can interact with their peers and faculty members. The virtual learning environment is also engaging and enriching as students and teachers both share knowledge and exchange ideas. 

Some of the institutions offering the best distance MBA programs are as follows-

  • NarseeMonjee Institute of Management Studies
  • Chandigarh University
  • Amity University
  • Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning
  • Manipal University
  • Lovely Professional University
  • Alagappa University
  • SRM University

All these institutions have UGC and AICTE approved distance MBA programs. Their course fees are within Rs 2,50,000 and have the best-rated LMS with great placement assistance. The faculty appointed are very experienced with great industry collaborations and visiting experts for the overall development and skill enhancement of students. These institutions also offer both regular and unconventional specializations as mentioned above. Students may choose any of the distance MBA programs from the above as per their requirements.