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Join Alma Connect

With intent to create closely bonded alumni community, NGASCE has invited all Alumni as well as students from 3rd and 4th Semester to join Alma Connect.

Alma Connect is a professional networking platform on which NGASCE has an exclusive community
for our Alumni and 3rd and 4th Semester students.

This platform connects them for an enhanced sharing of knowledge and experiences.

Visit https://distance-nmims.almaconnect.com and connect with your LinkedIn or Facebook profile.

You can also sign with your Email for the same.

Some of the features of Alma Connect platform:

1. Post updates – Alma Connect members can post messages which can be viewed by the rest
of the community members. Experiences and knowledge can be shared with each other
through these posts.

2. Job Referrals – Members can support each other with job referrals in their respective
organizations. NGASCE shall also be posting job opportunities for the benefit of all members.

3. Discover members – Members can look up fellow students living in their cities, working in
their companies or who have studied their courses.

4. Know fellow members – Members can know the professional background of fellow
members of the community through their LinkedIn profiles synced with Alma Connect.

5. Follow members – Members can follow another member so that they are updated on
whatever posting the followed member has made. This helps them track the experiences
shared by a particular member of the community.

6. Knowledge Sharing Sessions – NGASCE shall organize monthly webinars for the community
with Industry Experts, on innovative and best practices followed in the industry. This is to
help the members build excellence at their workplace.

Expectations from the Members of Alma Connect:

1. Once an Alumni or a Student (Semester 3 and Semester 4) signs up on Alma Connect, he/she should
begin by syncing their LinkedIn profile

2. The members must keep posting their professional views and create new topics of
discussions to make their presence relevant in the community

3. The members should share job opportunities with their respective organizations for the
benefit of all others

4. The members should spend at least an hour every week to make the best use of this
community for their career enhancement

This forum is strictly for professional learning and networking, hence the members must avoid

1. Personal photographs and messages

2. Political opinions unless you want to share impact on industry

3. Your course related queries –you may reach to Student care for these

4. Jokes/ puzzles etc.

Please mention your Student Number (SAP ID) in all communication.

You can also visit our Centres at Thane, Malad – Mumbai, Nagpur or Madhapur – Hyderabad to obtain more information about your Narsee Monjee Distance Education Programs which include Post Graduation (PG), Diploma or Certificate Courses in Human Resource Management, Supply Chain Management, Marketing Management, International Trade, Management, Human Resource Management, Financial Management, Business Management, Banking & Finance Management, General Management, Corporate Communication, Business Management, Digital Marketing, IT Management, Operations Management, Project Management and Wealth Management.

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