Is an online MBA degree worth your time and money?

A degree of MBA is relevant and beneficial today as it had been two decades ago. MBA doesn’t only prepare you for a corporate job but is an efficient program for teaching you strategic and critical thinking. It boosts your ability to plan and execute projects in an organized manner. And an online MBA is no different from the traditional one in this regard.

Many reputed B schools offer online MBA courses in India. The course curriculum of an online MBA is the same as that of a regular traditional MBA program. The only difference is the flexibility concerning distance, time and non-requirement of physical presence in a classroom.

Advantages of online MBA ?

The most important features of an MBA program are skill enhancement through assignments, practical exposure, experienced faculty and networking. And an online MBA course can offer you the same features with a more flexible learning environment and less fee. An online MBA program may offer you more variety than traditional MBA.

An online MBA classroom would have students coming from diverse backgrounds and geographic locations. The chances of interacting with students from different parts of the globe are higher in an online MBA program. Group assignments with them will not only be fun but also very enlightening as you will get direct global corporate exposure through your peers. Your virtual classroom itself can become a centre of networking for you.

For working professionals, an online MBA can provide a great boost to their careers. It can yield a significant return on investment as compared to a regular MBA program. The fees are much less as compared to a regular MBA and one doesn’t need to leave his job to upgrade him/herself anymore.

No need to juggle between work and study or even go to night colleges after a hard day at work. Online MBA courses now provide the opportunity for flexible learning without these hassles keeping your time and health in check. And all these courses are now recognized by the UGC too. These are the reasons why online programs are being opted for by students globally.

The Surge in the Number of Enrollment ?

In the past year, there has been a 38% increase in the number of higher education institutes that are offering online programs in India as per statistics shared by the UGC. UGC also stated that enrollment in overall online programs increased by 170% in 2021-2022. An online MBA in India is the most in-demand course among both Indian and international students. More than 28,000 students enrolled for online mode of MBA courses in India in 2021-2022.

Also, 720 international students enrolled in different online MBA programs in India during the same period. As per Association to Advance Collegiate Schools of Business, the market in the USA is also facing the same kind of surge. In the academic year 2020-2021, more than 45,000 students enrolled in online MBA courses in the USA.

The Comparatively Less Cost

The fee structure for online MBA courses in India is also very less as compared to regular MBA. Course fees in most of the institutes are within Rs 2,00,000 whereas for a regular MBA you need to spend a minimum of Rs 5,00,000 and a maximum of Rs 25,00,000. Here are fee structures for online MBA in 10 universities or institutes that you can choose from:

Sl. No Name of Institute Fees for entire course If paid at once
1. IGNOU Rs 58000 (Rs 14000 for 1st, 2nd and 4th semester. Rs 16000 for 3rd semester) NA
2. Chandigarh University Rs 65360 (Rs 16340 per semester) NA
3. Amity University Rs 253000 (Rs 63250 per semester) Rs 200000
4. NMIMS Rs 42000 per semester Rs 144000
5. Lovely Professional University Rs 156000 (Rs 39000 per semester) Rs 142000
6. Symbiosis University Rs 70000 (Rs 35000 annually) NA
7. Manipal University Rs 150000 (Rs 37500 per semester) NA
8. Jain University Rs 120000 to 200000 (Fees differ as per specialization) NA
9. Alagappa University Rs 80300 (Rs 40300 for 1st year and Rs 40000 for 2nd year) NA
10. SRM University Rs 189000 (Rs 47250 per semester excluding exam fees) NA

The Specializations Offered under Online Mode

here’s no barrier for you in choosing your preferred specialization in online MBA. Starting from the specializations of Finance, Human Resources, and Marketing, online MBA now offers a range of other electives to choose from. A list of specializations or electives that you can select from are as follows –

1. Systems and Operations Management 2. Information Technology Management
3. Healthcare Management 4. Banking and Finance
5. Logistics and Supply Chain Management 6. International Finance/Marketing/Business
7. Business Intelligence and Analytics 8. Business Intelligence and AI
9. Data Science and Analytics 10. Project Management
11. Digital Marketing and E Commerce 12. Entrepreneurship and Leadership
13. Advertising and Branding 14. Investment Banking and Equity
15. FinTech 16. Tourism Management and more

Students can choose any of the electives as per their present job profile or depending on how they want to upgrade their skills to get into an allied industry or job profile. The opportunities in all sectors are huge at present and skilled professionals are in demand. Online MBA will polish your present skills, enhance your critical and strategic thinking ability and push your management skills to the extent wherein you can excel in your job and continue moving up the ladder.

Wrapping Up

Upgradation of knowledge and skills are very important in today’s technologically evolving world. Continuous learning will help an individual to remain relevant in the job market. Hence, even if you are working, adding a degree to your CV that would make you evolve and enhance your skills will prove to be beneficial in your career journey. An online MBA is an ideal course in this regard. You can complete your MBA now without compromising your present job requirements and paying a hefty fee for the same. In short, it is flexible and affordable.

At a Glance Why Online MBA?

  • Flexibility :Study as per your own convenience. No night college or weekend stress. Choose your own pace and time to upgrade yourself.

  • Less Cost and More ROI :The cost of an online MBA is less as compared to a regular MBA. But the chances of a promotion are high for working professionals after completing an online MBA program. The less cost ensures higher ROI for students.

  • Same Curriculum :The curriculum structure of online MBA is no different than regular MBA. Students learn the same in both the modes. UGC recognises online mode of MBA too.

  • Specializations : No barrier in choosing specialisations. From Finance, IT, AI to Healthcare or Tourism, a wide range of specializations are available in online MBA.